1,000 subscribers are required to join YouTube Partners and start making money from ads. It is thought to progress up YouTube's "benefit level" ladder. Are you interested in YouTube branding and video marketing in order to increase views rather than earning money? Continue to seek subscribers. They raise your play count, watch time, and engagement—three metrics that the YouTube algorithm needs to function properly. If you want to grow your channel fast, you need to get views on YouTube videos.

Find out how to encourage visitors to click the Subscribers button.

Check out our guide on creating a YouTube channel if you're just getting started on the platform.

The easiest to most complex methods for converting spectators into subscribers are discussed first. Don't choose to implement every proposal at once. For every new video you upload, try one of these tips, or implement one or two per week to obtain free real YouTube subscribers using ethical methods.

1. Asking your audience to subscribe:

There is no simpler situation than this. Do you frequently feel embarrassed to request a subscription? At the conclusion of the video, it is wise to remind viewers.

2. Finish your video by teasing the next project you're working on:

A YouTube channel subscription is a waiting behaviour. If the work is done properly, viewers who have only seen a glimpse of what your brand stands for will undoubtedly want more. Promoting your upcoming video and explaining why viewers shouldn't miss it are fast ways to increase your subscriber count. Of course, keeping track of your YouTube content schedule and being aware of upcoming events is necessary. (More to follow on that.)

3. Make new acquaintances by interacting with your audience (a.k.a. build community)

Respond to remarks. Visit their channels once more. It's thrilling to have a well-known YouTuber leave a comment on your video, but who will be well-known in a year? Create a community of like-minded YouTubers and help each other out. (We're talking about the shine idea here.) Additionally, once joined, your audience will offer several cost-free ideas for the subject of your subsequent videos.

4. Create a strong channel brand:

A strong channel brand is crucial for letting viewers know who you are and why you produce videos.

  • Design of the banner: Your YouTube banner welcomes viewers to your channel. They might be a prospective subscriber. Your banner should be crisp, consistent with your brand, appealing, and, most importantly, mobile-friendly. You wouldn't want your social networking buttons, for instance, to hide crucial information.
  • The logo for your YouTube channel serves as its icon: It displays anywhere you remark, including on your YouTube channel page. It must accurately represent you and your business and be simple to recognise, even in small print.
  • The channel's description: This text is displayed on your YouTube channel's "About" page. Up to 1,000 characters are allotted to you in order to introduce your channel and persuade readers to subscribe.
  • Custom URL: The default URL for your channel is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmt45UKB332UWtJAgErYtyk. It's not ideal. Make changes by use a unique URL. In YouTube Studio, select Customization from the left menu, click Basic Info, then scroll down to Channel URL. This is how you may change your URL: https://www.youtube.com/t/your channel name.

The drawback is that you can't ask for a personalised URL until you have at least 100 subscribers. Put this at the top of your to-do list for when you hit your first subscriber milestone, if you haven't already.

5. Add a customised channel trailer:

You can play one video for viewers who are already subscribers and another for people who are not.

6. Make your video thumbnails unique:

A thumbnail is a still image that is 1280 × 720 pixels in size and acts as the video's cover. Think of it as a small movie poster. Your first and best opportunity to get someone to watch your video is now.

Make an effort to brand yourself consistently throughout all of your thumbnails. To let viewers know they are seeing a video that is part of your channel, use the same colour scheme, typography, or frame arrangement. Adding thumbnails is one way to promote a video on YouTube.

7. Strategically place your content on your channel page:

In YouTube Studio's layout tab, you may add up to 12 parts to your channel homepage. By placing your finest videos at the top of the homepage, you can encourage viewers to subscribe by letting them see your best work.

To display the playlists you made in the preceding advice, you may also use sections. Use playlists that are specifically tailored to meet distinct audience needs to immediately draw attention to the extensive value you offer.

To increase channel views, one can also enlist the aid of experts.