Opening a YouTube channel is a fun first step. However, at initially, channel growth could appear tedious and even difficult. Along with how to grow your YouTube channel, you could be left wondering how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. You don't have to make the effort because we've already done it!

After years of trial and error, we've figured out what works and what doesn't. We've included our top 6 recommendations for YouTube channel growth below as a result.

This strategy will put you in a successful position by making a few quick and simple adjustments to your channel and processes. You'll learn how to produce high-quality content more rapidly and optimise your movies to draw in more subscriptions and views.

1. Make A Scroll-Stopping YouTube Thumbnail Image

Even if your video is the best in the world, no one will click on it if the thumbnail doesn't seem good.

This implies that it's crucial to produce an appealing, interesting, and attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Our thumbnails feature vivid colours, visual elements, and huge, bold typography. Justin frequently points, smiles, or does something absurd to truly catch people's attention.

Simply looking at your thumbnail, viewers should be able to deduce what your video is about.

2. Get Your Viewers' Attention  

You definitely don't want someone to click on your video and then immediately go. As a result, YouTube will stop promoting your content because it sends a bad message.

So how can you capture a viewer's attention and keep them tuned in? The response is a strong hook.

A hook is a succinct, direct, and impactful introduction that lets readers know they are at the correct place right away. Start by explaining to them what will be covered in the video.

3. Make A YouTube Playlist

Playlists are a fantastic tool for encouraging viewers to watch more of your content.

But what exactly is a playlist on YouTube?

A YouTube playlist is a collection of videos you've carefully selected and arranged. What's best? The ranking and visibility of playlists on YouTube can be similar to that of a specific piece of content.

Similar to videos, playlists feature titles and descriptions where you can add terms and phrases to make it easier for people to find it.

Playlists are another tool you may use on your channel page to organise and categorise the many types of content you might have there.

4. Increase Your Viewers' Watch Time

How long users stay on YouTube is one aspect that the platform places a lot of emphasis on. Because of this, it is crucial to consider your viewer's journey and whether you are providing a positive experience for them.

If viewers continue to watch more of your videos after watching one of yours, YouTube will know you've maintained the viewer's session.

If viewers are closing their sessions on your videos and the platform as a whole, this tells YouTube that your content is having an adverse effect.

Because of this, YouTube will recognise you as a session killer and stop advertising your videos. Nobody wants to end a session.

Therefore, it's critical to offer your audience additional high-quality content that would be relevant to them in light of the video they just viewed.

What is the next best video for me to view if I just watched this particular video? is a good question to ask.

If your channel doesn't have a video that meets those requirements, you can link to one on another channel that does.

By doing this, a connection is made between your channel and the channel to which you have linked. Your viewers will then be linked to those of the other channels, increasing your chances of appearing in their suggested videos.

In either case, when done well, this one benefits both you and your audience.

5. Build An Email List 

An incredibly effective tool is building an email list because it will:

  • Support your YouTube channel growth
  • Strengthen your bonds with your supporters and admirers.
  • Permitting you to expand your web business

A direct route of communication to your most devoted followers, the ones who want to hear more from you, is an email list. You can talk to them whenever you want without being interrupted by an algorithm or notification system.

6. Implement, Learn, Tweak, Evolve, and Repeat

You're going to find success on YouTube far more quickly if you embrace a development attitude.

YouTube did not become popular overnight. YouTube is a lengthy endeavour. So, each time you go through these processes, ask yourself what you can do better. These little advancements pile up. You'll experience growth and results much more quickly!

Always strive to implement, learn, tweak, and evolve. then repeating the process. Also, don't worry; things do get simpler.


So there you have it, our top 6 suggestions to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

We went over all you needed to know about channel setup, content optimization, and maintaining viewer engagement to accelerate your YouTube development.